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2015 Forest Management and Watershed Science Symposium

The goal of this symposium was to better understand and promote effective forest management to enhance watershed function and forest ecosystem services such as resiliency to wildfire, water availability and habitat.  Participants learned about results and implications from the newest research and had the opportunity to ask questions of top forest and watershed researchers in the West.

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Influences of post-fire vegatation and fuels on fire severity patterns in reburns and implications for restoration   - Michelle Coppoletta - Northeastern CA Province Ecologist, USFS

Forest insect and disease response to fuels and silvicultural treatments  - Danny Cluck - Forest Entomologist, USFS Forest Health Protection

Mountain hydrology, forest management, and water security in the Sierra Nevada  - Dr. Roger Bales - Professor of Engineering and Director of the Sierra Nevada Research Institute, UC Merced

Restoring and managing riparian areas  - Jonathan Long - Pacific Southwest Research Ecologist

Using birds to guide and evaluate meadow restoration in the Sierra Nevada  - Ryan Burnett - Point Blue Conservation Science