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Drought Programs, Strategies, and Resources

Ranchers are facing the most severe drought conditions in memory with limited forage growth, little stock water, and high risk of wildfire on the range.

Join us on July 7 from 6:00 to 7:30 pm at Jensen Hall at the Lassen County Fairgrounds to learn key information on drought insurance, disaster relief programs, and other tools to get through the current drought cycle with the least impact to your bottom line.

There is no charge for this program and light refreshments will be provided.

Pest Management Virtual Seminar

There will be a free Pest Management Virtual Seminar sponsored by the Siskiyou Ag Department and Corteva on Monday, December 21, from 8 am to 3:15 pm.

Contact Carolyn Gorden at cgorden@co.siskiyou.ca.us by 2 pm tomorrow, Friday, December 18, to receive a link to the Zoom meeting (include Pest Management Seminar in the subject line of your email). Department of Pesticide Regulations Continuing Education Credits will be offered. There is no cost to attend.

Topics include:

  • Post Fire Insect Identification and Management
  • Aphid Management in Alfalfa
  • Weed Control in Grass Pasture
  • Weed Control Trials in Alfalfa
  • Herbicide Options for Right of Way & Forestry Sites
  • Maple Leaf Spot and Red Fir/White Fir Diseases
  • Overview of Groundwater Protection Regulations
  • Laws and Regulations Review
  • The Role of Adjuvants in Herbicide Application
  • Managing Invasive Tree Pests and Diseases with IPM


November 2020
  • Is Irrigating Alfalfa After Last Cutting a Good Idea?
  • What To Do When an Animal Dies? Composting Could Be the Answer
  • Blue Alfalfa Aphids Management
  • The Continued Saga of Injury to Roundup Ready Alfalfa Following Applications
  • Tips for Maximizing Wheat and Barley Yields
  • Recent Weed Control Trials in Alfalfa


August 2020
  • Agronomic Crop Research Survey
  • Blue Alfalfa Aphids
  • Rush Skeleton Weed
  • Sulfur Cinquefoil
  • Alert! Mysterious Seeds from China
February 2020
  • Paraquat Regulation Update
  • Alternatives to Paraquat
  • Chlorpyriphos Regulations and Alfalfa Weevil Resistance
  • Aphids
  • Alfalfa Weevils
Irrigated Forage Crop Workshop

Join us for a half-day workshop focused on production and management of irrigated pasture, grass hay, and alfalfa.

Thursday, February 27, at 10 am at the Elk's Lodge in Susanville.

February 2019
  • Winter Annual Weed Control in Alfalfa (Avoiding Crop Injury with Roundup)
  • Purple Flowers, Pokey Leaves and Deep Roots: Canada Thistle Control Trial
  • Update: Scotch Thistle Control in the Spring and Fall
February 2018
  • Winter Ag Meeting on March 1, 2018, at 10:30 am at the Elk's Lodge, Susanville
  • Alfalfa Weevils Pyrethroid Resistance
  • New Gramoxone Regulations and a Contact Herbicide Weed Control Trial in Mixed Alfalfa Orchardgrass Hay Production
  • Russian Knapweed Biocontrol Release
  • 2017 Weed and Agriculture Research Report to be posted in March
September 2017
  • Controlling Scotch Thistle with Fall or Spring Applications of Herbicides
  • Myrtle Spurge
  • Low Lignin Alfalfa: Is It Right For You?
  • Upcoming Events
February 2017
  • Posting of the 2016 Lassen County Weed Research Report
  • Description of Other On-going Weed Research Trials
  • Roundup Ready Alfalfa: Minimizing Injury While Maximizing Weed Control
September 2016
  • Fall is a Good Time to Think about Weed Control
  • Cleaning and Winterizing Spray Equipment
  • Parker 3-Step: Digging Way Back in the Files for Range Trends
  • Intermountain Alfalfa Weevil Resistance to Pyrethroid Insecticides Confirmed
  • Current Research Projects
  • Upcoming Events


June 2015

New Weed Ecology and Cropping Systems Farm Advisor