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Livestock and Range Management

The Livestock and Range Management Program focuses on efforts to keep range livestock and the rangeland itself healthy and productive, and to encourage the healthy coexistence of introduced livestock and native plant and animal species in the range environment.

The Watershed and Natural Resources Program focuses on improving our understanding of rangeland water quality, watershed function, and natural resources management.  Emphasis is on management strategies which maintain productive land use while maintaining or enhancing watershed and other wildland values.  Groundwater has long played an important role in the development, growth, and sustainability of Lassen County and it's residents.


Diamond Mountain
Diamond Mountain


University of California Cooperative Extension's Livestock and Natural Resources website is designed to provide research-based and scientifically sound natural resource management information for rangeland owners, managers, and livestock producers.

California Rangelands Research and Information Center website has links to water quality, California vegetation, and livestock production information.

UCCE Livestock and Range Topics