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Frequently Asked Questions

"What kind of bug is eating my tree (or my plants)?" is the most frequently asked question we get in the Cooperative Extension Office.  The resource we use to find the answer is Pest Notes on the University of California Integrated Pest Management (IPM) website.  Pest Notes have pictures and descriptions to make comparisons.  They tell what damage to look for and what the solutions are. 

"What kind of weed is invading my garden?" is another question we are often asked.  Again, we find the answer in Pest Notes because weeds are pests, too.  There are pictures and descriptions to help identify and manage the problem.  There is also a Weed Photo Gallery on the IPM website.

"My tree has a disease of some kind.  How can I find what's wrong?"  The answer can be found in Pest Notes.  Pest Notes identify diseases of trees, shrubs, lawns, and flowers and tell how to identify the problem.  Pest Notes describe what damage the disease will do and outlines what the solutions are.

"Can I bring my pressure cooker in and have it tested for correct pressure?"  Sorry, but we don't have the equipment to do that in our office.

"How long do I need to process my bottled corn?  How long past the expiration date is food good?"  Safe Canning of Vegetables is a free download available from the ANR Catalog.

"Do you do soil sample tests?"  Yes, we can tell you how take soil samples and then you can send the samples to a lab for testing. 

"When can I plant tomatoes in Lassen County?  Can I use raised beds to plant vegetables?  What should I plant that grows well in this climate zone?"  These and other gardening questions can be answered at California Gardening.  Many gardening publications are available through the University of California ANR Catalog.  These publications cover a variety of topics from Drip Irrigation Systems to Soil and Water Management for Home Gardens.  Some are free downloads such as Landscaping Tips to Help Defend Your Home from Wildfire.

"How do I get rid of an annoying squirrel (skunk, ground hog, gopher, etc.)?"  Pest Notes have the answers again!  They describe the problem and how to solve it.

"What's the secret to growing a beautiful lawn?"  UC Guide to Healthy Lawns has some answers.

At the Cooperative Extension Office, we have a library of resource books.  You are welcome to come in and browse our selection.