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Landscaping improves the beauty and the value of property. Whether you want to redesign an old landscape or start fresh with a new one, proper planning is the first step. The plan does not have to be elaborate. Take into consideration the environment and use minimal resources.  

When you are trying to construct a landscape, you will need to root your efforts in the cultivation of plants. You should not be afraid to try planting some new plants, shrubs or trees in your yard. The primary paint you will use to create your landscape is plant life, including a lawn that is healthy and well-maintained.  

In Lassen County, it is important to consider fire danger when planning your landscape. Create defensible space around your home and choose fire-wise plants to create a fuel-free area surrounding the home.

  • Achoo! It's Ambrosia anthicarpa - annual bursage.
    The Sneezing Season

    Like many of you, I have been a walking sneeze these past couple weeks. There is a fair chance that I'm single-handedly keeping the antihistamine industry afloat! We're past the elms, grasses and pine pollen season so what's going on? Although in...

    By Dustin W Blakey
    Author - County Director / Farm Advisor
  • Achemon spinx moth
    The Grapevine Sphinx Moth: A Guest, Not a Pest!

      The cooler weather lately had me performing overdue maintenance in my garden.  Cutting back some flowers on a perennial arugula plant the other night, I came across this stunning moth. Who is that? And the other all-important question I...

  • Pear Blister Mite leaf damage
    Now What's the Problem with My Pear?

      As winter turned into spring and the 'Bartlett' pear tree flowered and leafed out, I celebrated my great gardening success.  In fact I was jubilant because it looked as though I had finally won the battle against fire blight! For the first...

  • Yellow cinquefoil Plant in Mammoth.
    Shrubby Cinquefoil: A Plant at Home in High Elevation Gardens

      If you want an easy care, hardy addition to your garden, then shrubby cinquefoil is great to consider. It's a tough garden plant that keeps producing its carefree flowers all summer long. The species name was updated to Dasiflora fruticosa, but...

  • Common purslane, but upside-down.
    Advanced Hoeing?

    I control most of my garden weeds by hoeing and pulling. This morning I was doing a quick once-over with the hoe before work when I was inspired by the abundance of purslane present in the garden to write a quick post on hoeing. Maybe we'll call it...

    By Dustin Blakey
    Author - County Director / Farm Advisor