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Landscaping improves the beauty and the value of property. Whether you want to redesign an old landscape or start fresh with a new one, proper planning is the first step. The plan does not have to be elaborate. Take into consideration the environment and use minimal resources.  

When you are trying to construct a landscape, you will need to root your efforts in the cultivation of plants. You should not be afraid to try planting some new plants, shrubs or trees in your yard. The primary paint you will use to create your landscape is plant life, including a lawn that is healthy and well-maintained.  

In Lassen County, it is important to consider fire danger when planning your landscape. Create defensible space around your home and choose fire-wise plants to create a fuel-free area surrounding the home.

  • Bermuda grass and weeds overtaking drought stressed turf grass.
    Lawn-pocalypse! Surviving Drought

    Ah, summer! The season of sunburns, pool parties, and… lawn droughts. If your once lush, green carpet now looks like a crunchy brown doormat, you're not alone. Let's dive into why your yard is staging a dramatic death scene and what you can do to...

    By Ryan Daugherty
  • Adjusting a flood bubbler
    Let's Talk About Flood Bubblers

    I know you've seen them. Little caps on the end of vertical irrigation pipe that can be adjusted to control flow with a twist (or screwdriver). They are called flood bubblers and are used widely in the Eastern Sierra to deliver water to woody plants...

    By Dustin W Blakey
    Author - County Director / Farm Advisor
  • A white grub - the masked chafer
    Understanding Chafer Beetles From Root to Ruin

    I was dealing with a gopher problem in a lawn awhile back and I came across another turfgrass pest that you may or may not be familiar with; a chafer beetle. These white grubs are the immature larval form of a chafer beetle.   Here in...

    By Ryan Daugherty
  • 1/2-inch Drip Irrigation Tubing
    Flow Focus: Irrigation Friction Loss

    I recently helped one of our local student gardens install a drip irrigation system in some raised beds. During the installation, I had to explain why we were using ½” tubing for most of our system instead of ¼”. Some...

    By Ryan Daugherty
  • Pump-up Sprayer
    Mixing Matters: Maximizing Herbicide Potential

    I was talking with a friend the other day about weed control. He had bought a jug of herbicide concentrate and planned to apply it to his weeds undiluted. I told him that it wouldn't be a good idea and started on the usual talking points: the label has...

    By Ryan Daugherty